I'm here to help you plan your dream adventure, as I've experienced many places in the world myself. I've been traveling for 40 years, including trips to Yosemite, Hawaii, the Galápagos Islands, Antarctica, Morocco, Paris and France, Ecuador, Mexico, Italy and Europe, Machu Picchu, New Zealand, Africa, India, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Argentina and Patagonia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Costa Rica, and other Incredible Destinations. I've planned travel adventures for 30 years--custom trips, small group tours, economical large group tours, self-guided packages, economical as well as luxury cruises of all kinds, and apartment and villa stays.

My specialty is Italy as we've explored there  for 30 years, but I also specialize in group tours to any destination you can dream of, as well as adventure travel, honeymoon and anniversary trips, and river cruises.

Here's a sampling of adventures planned for some of my travel clients:

• Custom trips to Italy, including a weeklong stay in a farmhouse or villa

• An 8-day river cruise down the Danube in Europe (and other cruises--down the Nile, the Mekong River, and along waterways in France and throughout the world)

• A tour of Peru, where a small group of friends hiked the Inca Trail and explored Machu Picchu

• A custom trip to Venice, Florence and Tuscany, in celebration of a couple's 25th anniversary

• A self-guided trip to Costa Rica for two women and their son, which included a rental car, flight and hotels

• A 7-night Tuscany farmhouse stay for a group of 10 women friends, (some of whom were widowed, some whose husbands didn't like to travel).

• A self-guided trip around the Greek Islands, including flight, rental car, hotels and ferry reservations

• A honeymoon in Hawaii for an older couple and accommodations for many family members

• A custom trip to Germany for a woman and her two granddaughters (and a later trip to Italy with her grandsons), including a stay in the small town of their family name

• A small group tour for a couple who visited Israel for 14 days

• A honeymoon trip to Bora Bora, including a stay in an over-the-water bungalow for a young couple

• A small group tour of Africa for a couple, including daily game safaris

These are just a few examples of what I could do for you. Please email me for details about how I can help you plan your own Incredible Destination.